Spirituality is concerned with the fruit of the Spirit: "Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." Against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23. Summed up in the Golden Rule according to Jesus Christ in other words, which means to endure something with another person, to put ourselves in somebody else’s shoes, to feel their pain as though it were our own, and to enter generously into their point of view. Finally, which asks us to look into our own hearts, discover what gives us pain, and then refuse, under any circumstance whatever, to carry out that pain on someone else. On the other hand, social perspective stresses the broader contexts in which people live by looking at individuals’ social location, jobs, income, education, gender, race ethnicity, and age. Considering external influences and people’s experiences which are internalized and become part of a person’s thinking and motivations. Therefore, for a spiritual social perspective to have real meaning, it must be based on a life of relationship built on  "love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control."


In life, people encounter a variety of daily challenges. It may be finding the right information to solve a problem, it may be an elderly advise filled with life experiences to encourage and inspire hope, it may be uplifting someone to rise on their feet and the to find a way to help themselves through sustainable self-help initiative.

One of the greatest qualities in the life of Jesus was his willingness to enter into the human situation and to be deeply moved by tender compassion that compelled him to help and to heal. Jesus was never detached from, nor indifferent to human sorrow and suffering. People were never a nuisance to Jesus but an opportunity to serve. Compassion was an outstanding feature in the life of Jesus. He is spoken of several times as being moved with compassion. Actually, he is our perfect example of compassion.


In other words, we provide supportive services to benefit the poor, disabled and under-served.

We started a true life cancer survivor's digital story program to promote public awareness on cancer prevention through healthy eating habits. 

Josephine Kamau was diagnosed of cancer and told by her Doctor in 2009 that she was at risk of death. God made a way of escape from the gruesome treatments of of cancer suggested to her by her Doctor, and showed her a safer holistic way to defeat cancer. Josephine, a mother, grandmother and teacher is full of life today. God can help you in any area of life you need God's intervention. In her interview, Josephine said: "I CHOOSE TO TRUST GOD"


We are working on project to promote public awareness in supporting families and keeping children safe in the community. In this project we are providing two resources:

(1) Foster Parent Pre-service e-Learning.

(2) An informative DVD titled 'Child Welfare Navigator' a resource guide to child welfare system.

(3) Missionary work in rural areas of African is the main focus of our Africa Missions.

We are partnering with fellow international missionaries and churches to serve poor rural communities in Africa.

WakeUp Call To Journey Of Love

True Cancer Survivor's Story

Child Welfare Navigator